Content Creatives course: Creative Brief - SharpFutures

Content Creatives course: Creative Brief

Here’s a little bit about what Rachel and Neve have enjoyed so far, what they’re looking forward to during the rest of the course, their favourite Channel 4 show and their star signs!

Our ‘Content Creatives’ course participants have just finished their second week! This week, they’ve learnt about topics such as imposter syndrome, logo design and social media management.

Rachel - meet the team


In the coming weeks, I’m most looking forward to working with the Design Team at 4Studio.

“I’ve really enjoyed week one and two of the course and have enjoyed using Adobe Photoshop to create content for the creative briefs.

My favourite Channel 4 shows are Derry Girls and The Last Leg, and my star sign is Aquarius!”

Neve - Meet the team


“This week I enjoyed learning about the creative teams at SharpFutures and how they create digital content.

I’m really looking forward to the Ideas Generation session and hope to learn techniques that I can use when working in 4Studio.

My star sign is Pisces, and it’s so hard to choose my favourite programme! I would say my current favourite is This Way Up.”

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