Inside 45 showcase

Inside 45 showcase

Posted on November 12, 2020 by Ihtezaz



As part of the Digital Cities Virtual programme for November, SharpFutures are collaborating with BBC Academy to present a unique online showcase & feedback session for documentary film makers of all abilities.

The ‘Inside 45’ showcase takes place online at 3pm on Thursday November 26th.

If you are interested in getting involved:Sign up and take part in the BBC Academy ‘film making on your Smartphone workshops about filming, editing and streaming that take place each day of Digital Cities.

  • For the BBC Academy Editing Workshop, click here.
  • Pick one of the briefs below and create a short film, no longer than 45 seconds, on you mobile phone.
  • You’ll only have a short time to make your documentary film – a quick turnaround is part of the challenge.
  • Submit your short film via the SharpFutures website  (upload link to be made live on Monday November 23rd)
  • We will pick a selection of the films for feedback from the BBC and other industry expects and invite the filmmakers to take part in the session.

If you would just like to watch the showcase and feedback session we’ll be streaming it via this page on the SharpFutures website.

‘Inside45’ is an event created and delivered by members of the SharpFutures Digital Production Management Course on behalf of SharpFutures and BBC Academy for Digital Cities Virtual.

Inside45 Team

  • Producer – Mikey McCusker
  • Production Coordinator – Deanna Turnbull
  • Production Manager – Jamie Byron
  • Researchers/Runners – Sophie Bisson and Mike Dunbar


You have a choice of two briefs to make your short film to. Each will be discussed in the BBC Academy film making workshops over the 3 days of Digital Cities Virtual.

Brief One: ‘Extra-Ordinary Tours’

Take us on a tour of your community / where you live.
Showcase places of interest, discuss personal memories or uncover the hidden histories in your local area.

During recent times have you wandered and wondered about your local area? You don’t have to walk far to see a story on every street corner, in the park, woods or even on your walk to the shops.

Create a 45 second film in which you could unearth the past, explore your connections to the local area or discover places new to you.

Tell us your story Inside45 seconds!

Brief Two: ‘Time In Our Hands’

Tell us the interesting or inventive ways you spent lockdown. How did you learn new skills, keep up with activities or stay sane and active?

It might be you made a home gym on the kitchen table with bags of flour for weights, picked up a pencil for the first time to get your creative ideas down on paper, became a master chef or even started learning an instrument. It could even be the time you spent with your household pet…

Tell us your story Inside45 seconds!

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