SharpFutures is a social enterprise that supports diverse talent into employment in the creative digital sector.

By offering a range of Training Courses, Apprenticeships and Placements, SharpFutures supports people by developing their creative digital skills to broaden their employment opportunities.

We seed ideas through services for education, we nurture the best talent we find through employment opportunities and real work experience, and we grow through the sale of our business products and services such as SharpFutures POD.

5 year report
5 Years of SharpFutures
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In cost savings to the public purse
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In social value
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In economic value within Greater Manchester

SharpFutures POD is a pool of entry level, eager to gain experience, new entrants with the ability to provide important, flexible support to fledgling and fast-growing businesses in the creative digital sector.

With members recruited and retained based on a desire to develop sector-relevant skills, SharpFutures POD offer clients the opportunity to bring on board temporary, support staff while also playing a valuable part in young people’s career development.


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