Tech Predictions for 2014

Tech Predictions for 2014

Posted on January 8, 2014 by Ihtezaz

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2013 saw some good tech being released and some bad tech making its way out, the iPhone 5S and 5C was launched, Samsung tried to release a smart watch which eventually became a failure, and the Xbox One and PS4 both launched, and steam annnocuned their Steam Machine PC/Console hybrid.

But 2013 has been and gone, and now its the time to predict what tech we might be seeing in 2014.

Steam Machines

This is one of things I am 100% certian on.  In fact Valve showed off the different companies creating Steam Machines with some controversial price points at CES 2014.  These Steam machines are aimed at people who just want a living room PC that can play many of the great games us PC gamers have been playing, such as Serious Sam 3.  You can see a video of the announced Steam Machines below.

(ReviewTechUSA on YouTube going over the announced Steam Machines and comparing the price to the specs)

My main concern with the Steam Machines is that the highest price point for a steam machine is $6000US (£3659.65) a really high price point for a gaming machine.  However there are lower priced options which should play many games just fine.  Some of the Steam Machine will have both Windows and SteamOS so they should be able to play any games you throw at it, which is a good thing.

The idea with these Steam machines is that you can take them apart and upgrade the hardware which is benefical but that wouldn’t be its biggest selling point.

My prediction for this is that it’ll sell small ammounts, but not as much as Valve are hoping, this is due to the fact that most of the companies are placing a GTX Ttian graphics card in them, which alone costs £1000+ which obviously puts the price up a lot.

Tablets with phone functionality

The Asus PhonePad at CES is the first tablet that can have phone functionality without an app, however it requires another phone to be docked in the back of the tablet for it to use the phone functionality.  I’m hoping we start seeing more tablets with phone functionality bulit in as standard with certain tablet models, it would be brilliant to be able to answer a phone call while using my tablet as that would be awesome for multitasking.

(Video from TechnoBuffalo demonstrating the Asus Phone Pad Mini at CES 2014)

For example say your trying to watch a TV show on your tablet and someone rings your house, it would great to just tap a button and answer that call without having to go and get the phone.

Console quality mobile games

Tablet and Mobile games are still not all that great, however with nVida announcing the X1 Tegra chip its a real possiblity that we might start seeing much better mobile and tablet games. nVida claims that this new chip is more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360.  This new chip could start off a chain of new gaming tablets being released.

Information about this new chip can be found this found on this article from CVG.

My prediction is that we’ll start seeing affordable tablets and phones bulit specifically for gaming that use this new chip, tablets that are portable and light weight but pack power.

Google Glass release

Google’s controversial and amazing “Glass” hopefully sees release this year at a decent price as its something I personally want to use myself. This could start a whole chain of new wearable tech, and I hope it doesn’t meet the same fate as the Samsung Galaxy gear did.

Another thing I do hope is that people start accepting Google Glass more, because for YouTuber’s like myself it’ll be a brilliant tool to use for making videos without having lug around a camera.

You can see a review of the early access form of Google Glass below.

(Video from Engadget reviewing Google Glass )

My prediction is that Google Glass will do really well but not before there’s some heavy legislation which says what people can and cannot do with it.



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