SharpFutures Annual Report 2016

SharpFutures Annual Report 2016

Posted on March 24, 2017 by Ihtezaz


SharpFutures is blossoming. This is thanks to a hard working, dedicated team of managers and a bunch of talented young people. The report looks at SharpFutures’ delivery and performance across 2016, its fourth full year of operation in both financial and social return on investment. The report outlines key projects, details economic, social impacts, and demonstrates how SharpFutures continues to meet its wider constitutional aims and objectives. 

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We plant seeds through the ‘DISCOVER ‘ services for schools and this is increasing the number of applicants for apprenticeships. We nurture through ‘POD’ and this is successfully leading people from diverse backgrounds  into full time work.  And we grow our ‘ENGAGE’ and ‘FRAMED’ programmes, businesses and people within the creative digital sector.

To view our online flip book of the Annual Report 2016, please click here. Alternatively, to download our Annual Report, please click here.

We are open for business, working with companies that will benefit from developing a long-term talent pipeline for the creative digital sector.

We hope you enjoy reading about our past year’s successes as much as we’ve enjoyed seeing the hard work begin to pay off.

Rose Marley



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