SharpFutures Annual Report 2015

SharpFutures Annual Report 2015

Posted on January 25, 2016 by Ihtezaz

Any start-up business would be proud of closing its year three books in profit and with a strong pipeline, and would rightly celebrate that success. When you consider, then, that SharpFutures operates in the Creative Digital sector, a notoriously inaccessible and difficult environment for new entrants, plus the additional pressures of generating much needed social impact, SharpFutures’ success this year – in profit and with that strong pipeline – becomes even more of an achievement. Its success is without doubt testament to the adaptability, energy and hard work of all the SharpFutures team.

SharpFutures’ mission and mantra is to ‘seed, nurture and grow’. Just as we have seen this approach work with our apprentices, our schools, businesses and community members, who every year continue to develop and shine, so the same approach has worked with our organisational growth – seeding and testing the model in year one, nurturing our social impacts with the support of Creative Skillset and the ‘Employer Ownership of Skills’ pilot, and now we are able to grow, consolidating our social objectives as clear business services. And it doesn’t stop there. Through DISCOVER’, we are seeding learning in our community, through ‘POD’ we are beginning to see nurtured careers hitting their potential, and in year four we will grow our ‘ENGAGE’ and ‘FRAMED’ programmes, as we move further away from grant seed funding into full sustainability through traded services.

It’s been quite a year. I very much hope you enjoy reading about it as much as we’ve enjoyed working with our schools, apprentices, businesses and community members, seeing those first sparks of learning, discovery and enterprise, and wholly believing in what might happen next.

And please, do of course let us know if you require any of our services.

We are here to do business.

Rose Marley


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