Renardo Jones: Production Runner/Content Creator

Renardo Jones: Production Runner/Content Creator

Posted on February 21, 2019 by Ihtezaz

My name is Renardo Jones, I am an apprentice at SharpFutures and my job title is Production Runner/Content Creator. My job is split 50/50 between working in the SharpFutures office creating videos and blogs and being a Runner over at Space Studios Manchester. Working at Space Studios has given me the opportunity to be surrounded by productions such as Curfew, Cold Feet and World on Fire and see how much the TV production sector is booming in Manchester.

For my role, you need to be a good people person, because my job involves a lot of social interaction and putting people at ease. You’ve also got to have resilience and mental agility, because you’ll be working on multiple projects and balancing a heavy workload, whilst at the same time thinking ahead.

I was looking into apprenticeships because I wanted to go to University at first, but because I’m an international resident I would be paying international student fees, so instead of paying £9,000 a year I’d be paying £21,000 a year. Being an apprentice is good because I’m in a situation where I’m learning whilst also earning – for me, it’s better than uni because I’m actually doing the job.

I like the challenging aspect of it. Through this apprenticeship, I’ve found out quite a lot about myself and gained new experiences. This is my first office job, in the past I’ve always been doing jobs that are based outdoors, so it’s taught me to be more business-like. I’ve picked up new skills and I’m doing things that I’ve never done before.

If you are thinking about a video production apprenticeship, you definitely need determination. Being a production runner is not the most glamorous job in the world, you start at entry level, so you need a clear idea of what the final goal for you is so you can push yourself to get it. Before this apprenticeship, the whole media world was an enigma to me, so it’s opened doors and helped me build connections with people in the industry. I’ve met art directors, production managers and cinematographers and asked them the route they took to get their job, which gives me an idea of how I can reach my goal. Doing an apprenticeship has definitely helped me plan out the career I want to have as a filmmaker/screenwriter.

Renardo’s Work

Renardo has helped to film the below video and has also edited it.

Renardo has also written a blog on MCRGreater about an event he attended through the website.

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