POD: creating the ‘Cinemagraph MCR’ website & social media presence


POD: creating the ‘Cinemagraph MCR’ website & social media presence

Posted on June 10, 2016 by Ihtezaz

Being a member of SharpFutures POD means I’ve worked on creating a wide range of graphical, online and social media content. For the past couple weeks I have been given the opportunity to work on a brand new project, creating the online profile for a new company Cinemagraph MCR. (written by Kris Bains).

What is Cinemagraph MCR?

‘They make Cinemagraphs – a mesmerising hybrid of Video & Photography for Businesses to use over Visual Social Branding.’

What was requested of me was to set up a Facebook page, Twitter page and an Instagram page. I also had to build a website that brought all the viewers on social media to one place. As well as scheduling future posts following the launch of the social platforms.

This was a fantastic opportunity for me, as it was the perfect project for someone like myself. Due to the fact I had finished my work placement for social media at SharpFutures, it enabled me to be able to put all my training into practice meanwhile seeing what freelance is like and working with a client.

Luckily for me I have worked for Lauren in the past so she was comfortable working with me and letting me just get on with the project. I was able to work on my own initiative which is great for someone like myself.

One aspect I felt that I was strong at was keeping her informed with the project at all parts of its stage. There were times we didn’t see each other for several days. But I always did my best to try to keep her up to date. This not only shows her the current progress, but kept her mind at ease that the work is continuing and is at a quality that they want. In addition to this any changes or updates that she desired can be easily added/changed.

As for the project itself I think it went really well, I was able to finish what was asked of me, to a good standard as well. She was pleased with all my work which is always a good feeling, knowing you have done a good job.

This is because there were some new challenges for myself. I have never built / ran a website before. So there was a lot of reading and learning required of myself to understand how it is done. But I feel more confident in doing similar tasks in the future.

Furthermore the fact that cinemagraphs are encoded as videos, it changed the way certain tasks were done. This required me to come up with different methods, and try to apply the best ones to work around the problems. E.g. not being able to host videos on the website.

As experience is so important for working, to be given a project such as this is great for my career. I have tangible evidence of work I can show others from a credible source as well.

Also, just because the project is complete does not mean that I am completely finished with Cinemagraph MCR, I will be continuing monitoring the platforms for time to time, and any issues / queries that she has I will assist with.

All in all this was a fantastic experience for myself where I was able to learn a lot, be responsible and develop my skills as a Digital Marketer.

And be sure to check it out at: http://www.cinemagraphmcr.com/ 

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