Pitch@Palace Event by Shu-Ling Li

Pitch@Palace Event by Shu-Ling Li

Posted on October 28, 2015 by Ihtezaz

In September, this year The Sharp Project hosted ‘Pitch@Palace’ in association with LMarks and SharpFutures.

Pitch@Palace was founded by the Duke of York with the aim of:

  • Providing a platform for Entrepreneurs to engage and interact with potential supporters
  • To showcase the work of Entrepreneurs to a wider community
  • To achieve positive outcomes for the Entrepreneurs both in terms of funding and business direction
  • In due course, to develop a Digital Platform or Network to encourage and promote continued dialogue after the Events

SharpFutures were on hand throughout the day ensuring microphones were handed out, guests were guided in the right directions and a podcast managed by myself and Rachael was being created to cover the event. With technology entrepreneur Stuart Marks hosting the event, he ensured each pitch was timed to exactly 3 minutes before welcoming the next entrepreneur to the stage.

The pitch I was looking forward to hearing from the most was ‘Made with Glove’ created by Michelle Hua. Michelle’s pitch was for her development of a fashionable heated glove aimed at the luxury end of the market. This followed Michelle’s personal experience of shopping for a heated glove only to find bulky gloves mainly used for skiing and mountaineering rather than everyday wear.

Michelle’s pitch captured everyone’s attention; she was extremely articulate and relaxed in her approach. Michelle explained that over 10 million people in the UK suffer from Raynauds disease, 90 percent of which are made up of women, highlighting the need for this type of ladies wear product. What I found inspiring about Michelle was how she had come from a successful career as a lawyer in Australia and was now pursuing her passion for invention; which shows that it’s never too late to completely change your career for something you feel creatively passionate about.

During the event, I spoke with judges Piers Ridyard creator of Nifty and Jamil Khahil creator of Wakelet who had great reviews of Michelle’s pitch, as she was proposing a product with a useful concept, which they would be happy to purchase themselves. Another pitch I enjoyed listening to was for Pre’Sence – a home security system that you could activate even when there are people or animals in your home, therefore, keeping you safe whenever you’re in our out of your home. What made the biggest impression on me during this pitch was the pitcher’s point that human life is the most important than objects, therefore, why should only your objects be protected whilst you are away from your home when it makes more sense to protect you and your family whilst you’re also indoors.

Once the Pitch@Palace event had finished it was great to get feedback from Janet the Pitch@Palace organiser, who said she couldn’t have pulled off the event without all the apprentices and placements from SharpFutures on hand.

It was a great event at The Sharp Project and I look forward to being involved in more like this with SharpFutures.

The final of Pitch@Palace takes place in London on November 02nd.

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