National Dog Day – A selection of recent canine visitors to The Sharp Project

National Dog Day – A selection of recent canine visitors to The Sharp Project

Posted on August 26, 2015 by Ihtezaz


Each week at The Sharp Project a wide range of visitors pass through the doors and at SharpFutures our favourite has to be dogs! (we’ve had kangaroos and camels visit too but that’s for another blog.)

Production companies and tenants often bring their canine friends in to work with them as The Sharp Project is a pet-friendly site. This means that over the last few months we’ve been able to take pictures of a whole range of furry visitors –  please see below for a selection and Tweet us @SharpFutures to let us know your favourite! 

Meet Buddy Buckley, who belongs to Chris from Pixel Kicks


Here’s Bella, Michael from Project Simply’s terrier.


We spotted this lovely Bichon Frise (with protective collar) wondering around Red and couldn’t resist taking a picture


Meet this Jack Russell cross who belongs to Riskbox, Campus members at The Sharp Project


This gorgeous Pomeranian likes visiting  80 Hertz, the recording & post production studio we have at The Sharp Project


Meet the adorable pup Kodak, who belong to Promotion Hire who are tenants in Gold 068



& Promotions Kodak again!


Here is the beautiful Cleo who belongs to our very own Elli from SharpFutures who are tenants in Blue 056.


This lovely dog is Tess who belongs to Louise from Intelesant who are based in Gold 059


This lovely Labrador came in to film an advert a couple of weeks back in Stage One. Keep your eye out to see if you can see this pooch on TV!


Here is a special guest over at The Space Project. Meet Wilhemena the Staffordshire Bull Terrier from the make-up department at Houdini & Doyle.

Wilhemena - H&D

Compiled & written by SharpFutures apprentice Sophie Hukin





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