MCC Scrutiny meeting by Lacey Houghton

MCC Scrutiny meeting by Lacey Houghton

Posted on June 28, 2016 by Ihtezaz


Today I was fortunate to be invited to one of Manchester City Council’s regular scrutiny meetings. The topic in question? Education and careers in the digital creative sector. What I found interesting about this talk was that not only is there more than just The Sharp Project and The Space Project opening their doors to new entrants, but we have connections to other digital companies who work in a similar field. I was enjoying my ability to voice my opinion as well, though it was rather nerve wracking at the start.

It really made me think about the fact that getting a career in your field isn’t as well laid out for you when you’re in high school and college. For me, I went to university because I didn’t know there were other options for my desired field. Being from a small town, the options seem rather limited, but after moving to Manchester and finishing university, I soon discovered the paths I could have gone down. SharpFutures were able to provide me with the skills I was lacking after university, and I soon learned about the other options they had for entrants. Apprenticeships, internships, POD (people on demand) and so much more, it showed good example of what we can offer to students in the future.

I mentioned to the board how it would be beneficial if they were to introduce these options to schools and colleges more often, and offer better guidance to those who aren’t sure on what would be the best path for them, and how the Sharp Project offer opportunities to visit the campus and find out more about something they could be a part of in the future.

I was really grateful for the opportunity I had today to come along and be a part of something that could change the way careers are formed in the digital sector. I’m really hopeful that our words and the words of other guests are taken into great consideration so students can get the most out of their future.


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