Manchester Urban Sketching Workshop

Manchester Urban Sketching Workshop

Posted on January 22, 2014 by Ihtezaz

urbanSketching-300pxOn Friday 17th of January I attended an Urban Sketching Workshop on the 3rd floor of Selfridges in Manchester. The workshop was part of the Selfridges Festival of Imagination, which is hosting events until 20th February.

The urban sketching workshop was held by Simone Ridyard, who is an architect and lecturer at The Manchester School of Art.

The workshop seemed to attract a wide array of people of all ages and abilities, although I was probably youngest there. Urban sketching is a fairly loose term which one can apply to sketching from sight (she was very particular about this point) of anything that can be found in an urban environment, including interiors.

We were told to go off into the immediate surrounding area and sketch whatever we saw, this allowed for a great deal of diversity in subjects and styles from everyone in the group. I personally went onto exchange square and sketched the Corn Exchange – but some people drew the interior of Selfridges, from escalators to clothes rails – which was very interesting when we came back together to look at everyones work, as there was no two sketches the same and very few sketches of the same subjects.

Although there wasn’t a great deal of tutelage it was an interesting experience, and we were encouraged to come along to the Manchester Urban Sketching Group (of which Simone Ridyard is founder) if we enjoyed and wanted to build upon what we’d done.

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