John Chorley – Final Week with SharpFutures

John Chorley – Final Week with SharpFutures

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Ihtezaz

A few weeks ago I applied for a Game Design Apprenticeship Position with PlayGround Squad based here at The Sharp Project. I was ready to apply for a job I’ve wanted since I was five years old.

I told my parents I would be a games designer one day, and my friends in school told me my name would be in the credits of a game and they are right.

My life changed for the better when I first played Alexx the Kidd on the Sega Master System 2 all those years ago. For those too young to understand what Alexx the Kidd was like, you can check out the video below from Cubex55 on YouTube.

For a long time, I gave up wanting to work with video games, because there was simply no related jobs in Manchester, and so I changed my career to be a web developer, there’s always someone who needs a website right? There is a lot of money to be had in developing websites, and even mentioning that I’m a web developer gets people asking me questions.

When I started working for SharpFutures I had no idea that it would open up the career path for me that I had always wanted.  If I didn’t work for SharpFutures, I wouldn’t have found out about the games design apprenticeship with PlayGround Squad, and thus it would still be a dream.

I play video games all the time, so this apprenticeship is an excellent match for me, not only do I get to play games, but I’ll also be working on creating them.  With the next generation of consoles here, its one of the best times to get into the industry.

SharpFutures has been the stepping stone to help me get ready to realise my dreams, they have been an excellent team to work with this past year, and I wish everyone the very best for the future, and thank you for an excellent year.

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