ITV Script Writing Workshop at The Sharp Project

ITV Script Writing Workshop at The Sharp Project

Posted on September 19, 2016 by Ihtezaz

How would you like the opportunity to showcase yourself  to work in the engine room of ITV’s continuing drama? 

SharpFutures and ITV are working together to develop ITV’s storyliner talent pool by hosting a script writing workshop at The Sharp Project.

ITV are always on the lookout for storyliners to join its talent pool and so SharpFutures is holding a workshop at The Sharp Project, hosted by ITV’s Head of Editorial Engagement for Coronation Street and Emmerdale, Mark Bickerton. The workshop aims to help discover and develop new storyliner talent.

ITV is looking for people with excellent writing skills, a keen eye for accuracy and detail that are bursting with new and original ideas. You will need to have a flair for creative writing and love working in a tight knit team.

If you would like to be selected to participate in this workshop we are asking writers to complete two tasks:

Firstly, submit a single paragraph monologue that gives character to an inanimate object.

Please see below for an example:

I threw up this morning.  Into a wheelbarrow.  Which was embarrassing because I fancy her like mad.  See, I was about to ask her out on a date.  I’d been biding my time, waiting for the right moment, and there it was, there she was, in front of me.  And I went and emptied my guts all over her, and she reeled off, and she, like the moment, was gone.  Story of my life.  I’m a loser, a fat pig.  I go round in circles, swilling whatever’s thrown at me and chucking it all up again.  And I spend every night alone, out to dry, stagnating in the cold. 

Secondly, we request that each applicant submits a brief two page script that continues the scene below:

Two characters are in a pub arguing over whose round it is. But there’s a subtext; lurking beneath the heated exchange there’s something more sinister afoot…

To apply for this opportunity and to submit your entry please download this Word document and complete both tasks with your full contact details.

Please email your completed form to

Good luck and please feel free to forward this onto to any writers who may be interested.

The closing date is 5pm Monday October 10th 2016

We will then notify successful writers by Friday October 21st 2016 on the date u0026amp; time of the workshop.

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