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Digital Production Management Course: What You Will Learn

Please note: applications for this course are closed.

Weekly Breakdown

Successful digital content production relies on collaborative teamwork, excellent communication, meeting deadlines and all within budget. Through this custom-built digital production management transition course, you will learn how production management plays a key role across TV, Radio, Advertising, Commercials, Public Relations, Animation, Gaming and Tech.

You’ll see how similar areas of expertise can be applied in the different sectors and how your transferable skills can be of value to employers in the growing creative digital industries in Greater Manchester.

Week One

Week one is all about the induction – we’ll start you off on the right foot with an overview of The Sharp Project, Space Studios and SharpFutures POD.

You’ll meet the Course Managers and we’ll help you to login to your Slack workspace – a space to find information and resources, chat to other people on the course and get any help that you might need.

Your first masterclass will be all about identifying your key skills and experience in a Personal Branding Workshop with Steve Rawling (who has worked in the media including BBC and ITV).

After some digital skills training, you’ll also be set some tasks to complete as a team to demonstrate your transferable skills.  

Week Two: It’s All About Audio

This week you’ll find out about Audio Production management as you spend a week with Reform Radio.

Podcasts are a growing creative production area and you’ll get an overview of how they are made, the creative/production tools used (for recording, editing and management) and the people behind a successful broadcast.

You’ll also have a tour of a radio studio and get to make your own podcasts in small groups, which will all feature in a live radio show at the end of the week.

TV & Post-Production

This week you’ll get to learn all about the roles behind the camera and how production management play a critical part in the TV production process.

From setting up a shoot, creating call sheets, managing the budget, collating risk assessments, ensuring sustainable Albert+ production and learning about new COVID production regulations, you’ll get to put theory into practise setting up shoots, edits and final delivery for a client.

You’ll also get a behind the scenes tour and meet production contacts of key TV and Post-Production facilities across Greater Manchester including studios and edits that are producing programmes for BBC, ITV, C4, C5, Sky and Netflix

Advertising, Commercials & Public Relations

You’ll get an overview of the advertising and public relations world – what they do, how they work and the key production/organisational skills needed for a successful career in these digital sectors. You’ll have masterclasses from some of the most significant agencies working in Greater Manchester and will be set a production task to deliver.

As a team, you’ll get to set up a photographic shoot from scratch to meet a client creative brief. The shoot’s success will rely on you working together and ensuring it happens on time and within budget.

Animation & Motion Graphics

This week you’ll find out the difference between these two key production areas and what it takes to work in them. The roles and production process are very different to TV/Audio production and you’ll find out how the digital content delivery is managed over often very long time periods and deadlines from storyboard to screen.

You’ll have masterclasses with industry experts that have produced content for international broadcasters and clients.

Gaming & Tech

You’ll get an overview of this growing part of the Greater Manchester digital industry with virtual, augmented and mixed reality playing an increasing role in the creative content for online, mobile and console.

You’ll find out how production skills and organisational management are a key part of this sector and what it takes to produce a gaming experience. 

Weeks Seven to Twelve

You’ll be able to use the skills you’ve gained and developed for on the job placements within the digital sector in Greater Manchester. You will have more production management tasks set to complete based on the previous 6 weeks and the SharpFutures Team will still be on-hand to support you.

Week Twelve will conclude with a graduation to celebrate everything that you’ve achieved.

At the end of the transition you will be interviewed by the SharpFutures Directors and talent teams to secure paid work in the sector via SharpFutures POD.

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