Designing The Sharp Project brochure by Dan Walsh

Designing The Sharp Project brochure by Dan Walsh

Posted on November 21, 2013 by Ihtezaz

I recently completed my largest project to date, The Sharp Project‘s new brochure.

I was tasked with this project near the end of August, and it came off the press last week.

I really enjoyed working on such an important and comprehensive piece of work, although it was quite daunting to begin with, especially in the profiling and planning stages as I realised how much information we had to convey.

tsp-bro-blogI found it to be a steep learning curve, where I was challenged with using Adobe InDesign [for the first time doing anything more complex than flyers]. Working with Malcolm Garrett [] was incredibly useful and insightful and definitely gave me more of an idea of the precision and detail required of industry-standard graphic design.


I also had the chance to work with our in-house photographer Colin Boulter of Neilson Reeves, who performed all the principle photography. This was challenging at times, as we had to capture images which dictated the layout and also vice versa [working only from initial wireframes and storyboards], but was alos very enjoyable and I think the quality of the photography definitely stands out.

Here is a close up of one of the pages, the same format and layout is present on all pages, using for-blogthe rule of thirds – we broke down the pages into three columns; the right & centre for content and thumbnails and the left blank for the background image to show through. Deploying the brand was interesting as I think it works well with a large document like this are there is alot of variation with all the colours involved – which obviously relate to areas of the site. This is clearly featured in the headers and footers of all the pages.

2ndbro-imgThe outcome has been very well received by everyone at The Sharp Project and hopefully it will help to generate more business. I really enjoyed having the final draft in a physical form, as its very satisfying to create something on a computer but then have a three dimensional piece that you can handle and show to people. As it isn’t your typical brochure design, we have seven separate leaves that slot into a cardboard folder. The design is such, so that we can customise the brochure depending on who we’re giving it to e.g. For a film/television producer, we could just keep all pages relating to production etc. It also represents the flexibility and fluid nature of The Sharp Project. It also means that for practical reasons, we need alter information or add new pages we don’t need to print an entirely new brochure – only individual leaves. The design has also been transferred to a new HTML5 Online Brochure, designed by The Sharp Project tenants: The Drawing Room.



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