Designing an A3 rip sheet site map for The Space Project By Lewis Marsh

Designing an A3 rip sheet site map for The Space Project By Lewis Marsh

Posted on October 29, 2015 by Ihtezaz

As a part of the SharpFutures Studio team, I get asked to do a variety of design jobs for clients such as The Sharp Project and The Space Project, working to briefs using the brand guidelines but also inputting my own creative ideas.

I was tasked earlier this year to create a sitemap for The Space Project – a rip sheet to be used be the productions when on site.

This project is probably one of the biggest jobs I have had to do for SharpFutures Studio – an A3 map detailing the production spaces, dressing rooms, offices, workshops and everything else on The Space Project site.

I worked from the original architectural plans for the site drawn up by PRP, including of course the parking spaces, this was a pain design-wise I must admit!

Purely because I wanted everything to scale every couple of minutes I had to run out and count each parking space and then implement that into the drawing I was doing by dividing the number of spaces by the length of the space required.

SpacePlan_blog_content2As well as using the architectural plans, I walked around the building several times making sure I hadn’t missed off any rooms or placed a room somewhere it shouldn’t be.

The process of creating the initial design, working to the brand guidelines and considering it’s day to day use when complete was quite a lengthy process after finishing the actual line work of the building and its surroundings. I spent a good while working with Tom Clarke on the design layout and how we were going to present it.

Originally we intended to have the site map on double-sided A4 sheets – this would mean that we had space for some copy with information about opening times and accessibility.

In doing this choice it made the room numbers appear too small to read and the SpacePlan_blog_contentoutcome became pixelated – so we decided to go back to the A3 idea and put both Ground floor and First floor on the one page.

We spent sessions talking through design choices and style placements of the labels e.g ‘Front Of House’ and ‘Unit Base Parking’ until we came to the choice of having these labels within boxes – trying to create a minimalistic feel to a detailed piece of work.

When the final design was checked and then approved it was sent off to print. The maps are now used daily at The Space Project and are proving really useful for all the productions that we have on the site.

If you visit The Space Project make sure you pick one up!


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