A day with Discovery Education at The Sharp Project

A day with Discovery Education at The Sharp Project

Posted on July 5, 2018 by Ihtezaz


Join us at The Sharp Project, on the 18th of September, where we will be supporting Discovery Education to host a day of workshops and activities, designed to engage and motivate young learners and help infuse the news throughout your curriculum.

Delegates will receive practical examples of how pupils can use news articles to develop inference and deduction skills, distinguish between fact and opinion and explore writing for different viewpoints. This FREE day of professional development will leave you with practical examples of how you can use the news to develop powerful writing, critical thinking for online research and creative ways to use digital technologies to collaborate and communicate new ideas.

This event is recommended for primary school literacy co-ordinators, computing co-ordinators, teachers, teaching assistants & support staff.

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Sessions confirmed:

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Making the news – using green screen and digital tools to create a news report

Within this session, participants will have fun exploring technologies that can transform teaching and learning. This session will model ideas around green screen and video editing. There will be lots of transferable ideas for the classroom.


Global citizens – blogging and beyond

This session identifies a range of useful resources, strategies and ideas that can be used to help deliver various aspects of non-fiction within the National Curriculum. Included in the presentation are ideas on using still images, video clips, QR codes, blogs, Movie Maker and Audacity.

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Spotlight on Strategies – effective classroom strategies for integrating the daily news

This session explores the use of video, imagery, audio and digital text in the classroom. Participants will experience a range of proven, highly engaging activities to support interactive teaching and learning strategies which are adaptable and easy to implement across different subjects.


Fake news – determining fact from fiction

This activity will lay out examples of real journalism and fake news, and give the students new tools to help them develop the capacity to distinguish between the two.

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