CoderDojo #8

CoderDojo #8

Posted on October 14, 2013 by Ihtezaz

CoderDojo is a network of clubs that educate young people in programming and technology. There are clubs in 22 countries across the globe. CoderDojo was founded by Bill Liao and James Whelton as a non-profit group aimed at teaching kids how to program.  The first Dojo was held at the National Software Centre in Cork, on July 32rd 2011, in Sepetember 2012 CoderDojo was held in Silicon Valley in California.

The CoderDojo also bring in kids who know how to code to share their interests, teach others and collaborate on projects.

I went along to the CoderDojo last Sunday and I took my little nephew along with me. I was more concentrated on the Minecraft table and we had to set up a locally hosted server in Minecraft and then use a Python script to create a brick tower in Minecraft, while we couldn’t get the code to work, we still had fun and I even learned how easy it was to run a Minecraft server.

CoderDojo 1

Python is an open source, object orientated programing language that is recommended by people because its easy learn and implement into different projects, and has often been compared to similar programming languages like Java, ruby and pearl.

My nephew on the other hand focused on placing TNT around and destroying as much of the world as possible but he did learn a lot about Minecraft and how commands work and how to install mods and texture packs, so hopefully he will be able to do it himself in the future and make a huge Minecraft server.

There were other areas too, there was Scratch which is a tile based learning environment that teaches young people to program their own animations, movies and games which helps young people think creatively, work collaboratively and think systematically, all of these are important skills for the 21st century.

The event was ran by MadLab who provides event space and a place for people to work on their projects, which can include programming, hacking, digital art, animations and film making.

CoderDojo 2

This event helped me with my network diagnosis skills, and while I don’t consider myself an expert in the field, I’m confident enough now to help out with more basic networking issues in the future.

Honestly the kids at the CoderDojo have a really big advantage over me, as they get to learn all this stuff at a young age, this is an opportunity I never had until I was an adult and I think if kids start getting into programing now they’ll have so many doors open for them in the future, and in about 30 years time the word “Unemployment” will cease to exist.

To find out more about the CoderDojo and the various projects they teach click here

CoderDojo #8 was ran by MadLab and Hosted by The SharpProject

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