Applying for the right job by Lacey Houghton

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Applying for the right job by Lacey Houghton

Posted on August 17, 2016 by Ihtezaz

When I finished university, I decided I would take a year out to just enjoy myself and work part time to pay the bills. I soon began to realise that for the wage and times of day I worked, I was running myself into the ground. It was just after Christmas that I decided it was time to get my act together and find a job that would lead me to my career.

It’s obvious to agree that when you look for your dream job, employers want one of two things: at least a year of experience, or free labour. I found myself stuck because I didn’t have the former and couldn’t afford the latter. Luckily, I was fortunate when I came across the paid Placement at SharpFutures. I had applied on a whim because I thought despite it only being three months long, it would still be a step into the right direction. I’m glad I made that decision. I found a place that was willing to give me the correct training and experience, and were willing to pay me along the way. Now I’m working as part of their POD service (people on demand) and my experience is multiplying.

So how do you get yourself the right work? I’ve discovered there’s more to finding your dream job than simply applying anywhere. That kind of desperation encourages you to simply skim over the description and not really pay attention to what you’re applying for. It’s important to organise yourself by following a few simple steps to get yourself in the right direction.

Research the company you’re applying for

I’ve had so many phone calls from companies who would like to interview me, but I made the mistake of not researching who they are or what they do until afterwards, and discover that their field seems out of my knowledge or their website doesn’t give a good impression of their level of professionalism. When you think you’ve found a company that could be worth looking for, do a bit of research into them first before you decide you should definitely apply.

Check the salary

Though you may not be able to afford working for free, you must be realistic for the salary you’re after. You won’t be able to earn 20k and above if you don’t have the right experience, so why pretend that you do? Start from minimum wage and allow yourself to work your way up. It’s better to be paid minimum for doing what you love at first than to be paid more for a job that will get you nowhere.

Be clear on your skills

Applying for a job that requires a deep knowledge in adobe illustrator when you have none is a complete waste of not only their time but yours as well. There are rare occasions where they may call you, but if you can’t do the skill and they’re not willing to train you, why are you going after a job you can’t do?

Keep jobs on the backburner

For the jobs you would like to apply for, but aren’t sure if they’re 100% for you, always keep them there in case you change your mind about it a few days later. Have a folder of saved job links that you think you may come back to later on.

It’s important to remember that though you really need a job, you also need the right one. You don’t want a phone call from a company you’ve forgotten about and have no clue what they want from you. Keeping to these four rules are beneficial for moving yourself in the right direction.

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