8 Days In New York City’ My NYC Travel Blog by Amy Williams

8 Days In New York City’ My NYC Travel Blog by Amy Williams

Posted on November 5, 2015 by Ihtezaz

I’ve just been to New York City on holiday and spent an amazing 8 days there – here’s what I got up to…


22nd October

It felt like the longest flight ever, first we flew to Frankfurt, had to wait there for a couple of hours and then transferred onto our New York flight, but all I wanted to do was get there! And get something to eat. After watching 4 films on the flight and trying to fall asleep but not being able to, we were finally there. We grab a yellow taxi so straight away I was excited, they are the main thing you see whenever you watch a film about NY! But the drivers are a little crazy, and angry, and scary… Too much road rage! By the time we got to the hotel we were all shattered, we got into the room, sorted the WiFi out (as you do) but we were in New York! So we just had to go into Times Square and get a McDonalds! What better way to spend your first night?!









We also decided since it was close by to visit Grand Central Station, and it was exactly as I’d seen it in movies (e.g. Friends with Benefits and Madagascar) it was massive and so busy, but it was amazing to feel like I was stood on a real film set which has been in so many films! I was really in New York!

23rd October

Thanks to the time difference I was up at about half 5 that morning, but still at that time you can hear the taxis beeping away outside, this literally is the city that never sleeps. After about an hour of lying around, we decided it was probably best to get up and doing something really touristy since it was our first proper day, so we decided we were going to go down to Rockefeller centre. It was beautiful, it had a huge ice rink outside of it, which was extremely expensive to go on, however, we were going to the top of the rock. I have never seen views so gorgeous! It was so peaceful yet you could see everything going on from up there, this was definitely my favourite thing we did.









After this we decided it was time to be really posh, and go shopping down 5th Avenue where all the designer shops are because why not! We shopped around Abercrombie and Fitch, Tiffany & Co – where I found the most beautiful ring, tried it on and fell in love just to be told it was £2300, it wasn’t that nice in the end.

We then went on a boat trip around Manhattan, thank god it was a sunny/warmish day because that boat was rocking even with the slightest bit of wind, I had to constantly convince myself that I was not getting sea sick. But in-between that the views were just amazing, we saw the Freedom Tower and The Empire State, also the Statue of Liberty, it was so relaxing and beautiful I would have stayed there all day, if it wasn’t for the wind to kick in and for me to nearly freeze! To finish off the day we went to a pizza parlor and ordered the biggest pizza between us, we just had to, it was definitely the nicest pizza I have ever had, but now I have a bit of an obsession with pizza and that isn’t going to end very well.










24th October

It was Empire State day. The views were amazing, but I have to admit, they do not beat the Rockefeller. From the Empire State, we were able to see the Flat Iron Building and you can even see the tiny dot which is The Statue of Liberty, it’s tiny compared to the skyscrapers! Plus it’s so much busier at the top of there it’s a little bit worrying trying to walk around the edge of a building when people are pushing and shoving, even scarier when I’m a little afraid of heights!








We even got to go up at night, it’s a whole different experience, but you have to do both! Yes it’s colder, and probably just as busy, but this is when you see properly the city that never sleeps. So many different colours run through the city, and this is when I realised how bright Times Square actually is with all its billboards since it stills blinds you from the top of The Empire State!

25th October

It was the day of the Manchester Derby, so we lost my brother and step-dad today to the football. It was a full day of shopping for my mum and me! We went down to Soho where there are loads of posh little shops, I just had to treat myself to some MAC make-up and a Pandora ring, I couldn’t resist! We also had a little trip round Bloomingdales, which is a lot better than Macy’s in my opinion! We also went on a bus tour round downtown Manhattan and we got to see the Freedom Tower up close, it’s absolutely stunning, and we found out that its structure was built that way to look like a falling building, it’s beautiful to look at.










26th October

Being a massive ‘Friends’ fan, today we decided to hunt out the building they used for the Friends apartment. First of all we went to Washington Square Gardens, which if you watch Friends, you see the arch a lot on the in-between clips of certain scenes. It’s a stunning little square with buskers singing and chalk art on the floor, also just behind the arch is the apartment used for ‘I am Legend‘ – today was the day I was being a proper film geek! – Also in this square they film ‘Impractical Jokers‘ a lot, which is a brilliant program and I would recommend it to everyone! I was just praying I would see the jokers about, but, unfortunately, I didn’t.












I did find the Friend’s building, and I must have taken at least 100 selfies in front of it, such a Friend’s geek!

We then decided to visit the 911 Memorial Centre. The gardens were so peaceful and beautiful, I have never seen anything like it.









We also got to go into the museum that was hard hitting. We got to see clips of the people responsible in the airport going through security, see some of the debris that fell off the buildings, there were even still parts of the buildings within the museum. There was a room with all the pictures of the people who had passed away which went through each and every individual and told you a little bit about them, and then their family and friends speaking about them. I think the most upsetting thing within the museum that actually made me cry, was hearing a phone call from a man on one of the planes who was ringing his wife to tell her he loved her. It broke my heart.

27th October

Today was more of a relaxed day. We spent most of our time in Central Park, and again I become a film geek. I hunted down the found that was used in Friends in the beginning sequence, I found the bridge they used in Enchanted, and I found the main fountain which is where another scene from ‘Friends with Benefits’ was filmed. I just love being stood on film sets, scenes that I see all the time on TV! It was a beautiful park, absolutely massive, but beautiful, there was even wedding pictures being taken through the park! That was lovely to see.









For the night we decided to do a bus tour, we got to go over the Manhattan Bridge which allowed us to see the whole skyline of Manhattan which was absolutely stunning, we even saw the ‘Brooklyn Bridge‘ which is something I was desperate to see up close, we then went over to Brooklyn had a tour round there and we went to a site called ‘Dumbo’ which is basically the most amazing photo opportunity ever, because you see right across Manhattan, it literally blew me away – kind of literally as well because it was so windy and cold and I was sat on top of a double decker bus!

October 28th

I have actually never seen rain like it, we had to go back twice to change clothes and we were still drenched! my UGGs may just be wrecked. But the rain didn’t stop us, we walked along the Highline, which is one of the old railways that has been turned into like a floating park just above the roads, it was beautiful and peaceful, nice to get away from the sound of car horns for a while. Whilst walking along the Highline we got to see beautiful wall art, even one by the famous artist Banksy. It was just nice for one day to get away from the hustle and bustle, even if it did mean walking through the rain.










October 29th

This was our last afternoon in New York, so we decided to do probably the most iconic thing in the city, Times Square (again), it’s just amazing it’s something you see all the time on TV so we just had to finish off the trip with that. And to top it off it was full of Halloween decorations, literally pumpkins EVERYWHERE, and what was brilliant about it was that the pumpkins were free to take for the public, it was to make sure that the whole city was decorated which I think is the most amazing idea, literally brings the whole city together.









We arrived back home on 30th October and the jet lag is still hitting hard, just got to power through and keep flicking back through my pictures. It’s the most amazing city and you simply have to visit it!

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