5 Years Inspiring Women

5 Years Inspiring Women

Posted on March 1, 2018 by Ihtezaz

Over the past five years, SharpFutures has celebrated International Women’s Day through many different events at The Sharp Project and social media campaigns to inspire more women into the Creative Digital and Tech sectors.

For SharpFutures 5th Birthday and International Women’s Week 2018, we are showcasing what we have done over the last five years.


In 2013, we inspired 150 young women and hosted 4 creative digital workshops.

“The day was fantastic, learned a lot, helped me think what I want in the future.” – Tayyaba – Student

“It’s completely exceeded my expectations and I feel like I’ll be leaving here today eager and ready to make a success of myself and passions, not for a day but for life.” – Hayley Jones – M6

“It has been incredibly useful, I have gained knowledge that I can use for other things such as uni projects and setting up a business.” – Marie McHugh – M14


In 2014, we inspired another 150 young women from various colleges and universities. 

“I loved the session I attended on starting your own online business – I was so inspired I spent the evening coming up with ideas of things I could sell on ‘my website’!” – Charli – PA

“The workshops were really informative and thought-provoking” – Tryphina – Student

“I learned there are so many jobs available for women in the creative sector” –  Jermina – Student


In 2015, we inspired 154 young women from various colleges. 

“Such an excellent event with some very inspiring ladies in attendance!” – Jenna G

“SharpFutures #DigitalTeapot15 have done a fantastic job today. Inspiring creative digital female leaders of the future!” – Helen

“I started my business off the back of Digital Teapot and sitting in Paul Aspden’s session in 2014. Who will be #DigitalTeapot15 success story?” – Lisa – ShortCutSocial


2016 was the year we inspired over 100k people on social media and various more in colleges like Xaverian, Loreto and many more. 

“Goosebumps watching #SharpFuturesDISCOVER videos for #IWD2016 #WomenChangeMCR Fantastic! Well done to all involved!” – Shu-Ling

“So inspirational to hear from the young ladies in the room who’ve been nominated to take part in #WomenChangeMCR @SharpFutures. #IWD2016” – Sandy Lindsay – MBE

“#WomenChangeMCR to celebrate international women’s day.great speech from Rose Marley. Let’s get more women into digital creative industries!” – Jill Haves – MHSG


In 2017, we reached over 58k people on social media and released 23 vlogs worldwide. 

We held an online ‘event’ through social media and the distribution of inspirational creative digital vlogs were rolled out during International Women’s week. The vlogs aimed to reach and inspire thousands of women into the creative digital and STEM sector and to launch their own creative digital businesses in the future. To view the vlogs, please click here.

To find out more about our filming vlogs, please click here to view our Storify.

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