PLEASE NOTE - Applications for this role are now closed! SharpFutures: Runner Apprenticeship - New entrant role Customer Service Apprenticeship Location:  SharpFutures based in Newton Heath at The Sharp Project & Space Studios Manchester Area:  Creative Digital Sector SharpFutures is a social enterprise that supports young people into employment in the creative digital sector. At SharpFutures Read More

What’s it about?   At SharpFutures we offer a highly sought after new entrant apprenticeship where we recruit energetic and motivated individuals to train them to be a creative sector runner. These apprentices are given the opportunity to work in the two most prominent facilities in Manchester and a chance to jump-start their career in

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A day in the life of the apprentice Sophie Hukin. See what she gets up to on a daily basis in work, find out what she has learnt whilst being with SharpFutures and why she loves being an apprentice. A video by Becky Dickinson. Read More
My name is Lewis Marsh, I am 20 years old and my role at SharpFutures is Marketing a Graphic Design. I am also currently on a Creative Digital Apprenticeship.  What do you aspire to be? I guess you could say I aspire to be a variety of things, I can’t seem to make my mind Read More