Brown Flash Barrett

Brown Flash Barret was launched on May 12th 2016. A short documentary based on new professional Super Feather weight boxer Zelfa Barrett. The documentary follows the life of his career throughout training and explains the obstacles he has overcome to live up to his uncle Pat Barrett’s reputation & make it professional.

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Beatboxing Busker
The Beatboxing Busker was launched on April 28th 2016.    A look into the life of beatboxing busker Kimmy Lawrence. Explore her struggles, her ambitions, her community, and her rare talent in this short documentary. Read More

In The Ring With Sexy Kev was launched on April 14th 2016. Follow Sexy Kev as he gives us a little insight into British wrestling and battles his way in a Championship Match.

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Framed Presents its 'Launch Video' SharpFutures [ FRAMED ] launched on April 14th 2016. The video features on what you can expect to see over the coming weeks. Read More